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Original PROXYSHOP Bowie Dolls
£15.00 - £37.00

I have some news for those who remember my David Bowie Doll era: Select PROXYSHOP pillows and dolls are BACK!

I am doing a massive clear out and that means relinquishing the last remaining PROXYSHOP items I’ve been storing all of these years since I took a permanent break from selling on Etsy to move abroad.

I have about a dozen small Bowie dolls left, one Cher pillow and one featuring the (not at all problematic) poet Charles Bukowski.


Lil David Bowie Doll: £15
- Digital print on super soft, silky faille fabric, with a sturdy broadcloth backing in a navy blue color
- 6” tall
- Handsewn
- Material is safe for infants
- 10 available
(In the picture, this is the smaller of the two dolls)

Cher Square Pillow: £37
- 14” x 14”
- Comes with pillow insert
- Available in Barbie Pink (email for photo)

Bukowski Square Pillow: £37
- 14” x 14”
- Comes with pillow insert and GIFT-WRAPPED
- Available in mint green (email for photo)

From 2014 - 2016 I ran a very successful Etsy business called PROXYSHOP. It was featured by NME, Hellogiggles, the Nerdist, Mashable, HGTV, RollingStone Germany and many others. That was mainly because I made a life-size David Bowie pillow which went viral in 2015. It is one of the weirdest facts about me, particularly because it does not relate at all to the work I do now, aside from my ever-present David Bowie obsession.

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